Air, Nitrogen and Water Accessories

Air Accessories. 1. Hoses 2. Manifold 3. Air receiver tanks 4. After Coolers & Filters

General Details

CKG stock a selection of Air Tools and Compressor Accessories to compliment your existing equipment or compressor hire.

Air Hoses

CKG Offers ruggedly convenient hose reels and recoil hoses are pressurerated for optimized pneumatic performance, even in the toughest shop environments and applications. Connecting them to your pneumatic system is quick and reliable thanks to our complete line of swivels and hose accessories.

CKG has an extensive selection of pneumatic hoses, pneumatic tubes, and air compressor hoses. We stock coiled air hose assemblies, ducting hoses, hose safety cables, PTFE hose assemblies, material hose coupled assemblies, as well as gasoline, food, spray, steam, material and washdown hoses. Air hoses are durable and lightweight and are for use with air, water, and mild chemicals in low-pressure industrial construction, and agricultural applications. Snubber hoses are for use with impact tools; helping to absorb shock, and vibration. Mine spray hoses feature a nitrile tube with vinyl cover that is flame-, oil-, and abrasion-resistant and are for washdown service. Vacuum hoses can resist cutting and can handle abrasive debris collection along with exhaust transmission. Pneumatic tubes are for applications where rust and corrosion are a concern


Our pneumatic air manifolds provide convenient junctions for the distribution of gases or fluids throughout your facility. They’re ideal for control systems or networks that need to branch out to supply pneumatic power to multiple locations. By running a feed line from your facility’s air compressor to one of CKG’s manifolds, you can use its output ports to supply pneumatic power for multiple tools at once. We can supply pneumatic manifolds with convenient push-in fittings, for easy tool attachment and detachment.

CKG’s manifolds can operate at up to 1000 PSI for air and 3000 PSI for non-shock hydraulic. They can operate in temperature ranges from -10°F to 200°F, for outstanding performance even in harsh work environments. Our pneumatic manifolds can be used for compressed air and any liquids that are compatible with the manifolds’ construction materials.

Air Receiver Tank

Absolutely essential to any compressed air system, air receiver tanks not only serve as temporary storage, but they also allow your system to perform more efficiently. Air Receiver Tanks from Compressed Air Systems

Because of the immense pressure they contain and because of their importance to a system, they must be built to be exceptionally durable and strong. Air receiver tanks are designed to provide a supply buffer to meet short-term demand spikes that can exceed the compressor capacity. They also serve to dampen reciprocating compressor pulsations, separate out particles and liquids, and make the compressed air system easier to control. In some cases, installing a larger air receiver tank to meet occasional peak demands can even allow for the use of a smaller compressor.

Air Coolers and Filters

Aftercooler is the first step after the compressor, where the compressed air is being cooled with the air around it, or water. This is done so the water content of the compressed air can be removed via aftercooler and cyclone.

Today aftercoolers are normally built into the compressor and it is therefore not necessary with this step. However, it still has uses like sand blowing and other areas, where this filtration of compressed air is the most used.