Rental Fleet

" Rental equipment for long-term or emergency situations CKG Air Technologies® is happy to offer an extensive line of equipment items for rent that will make sure you don’t lose any of your valuable time and resources. "

Our emergency air compressor rental options are here to help your company fulfill all of its air compressor needs, whether it’s to help while your regular unit is being repaired or while it waits for a new location, CKG has the rental products for you.
Learn more about how the CKG Advantage can make sure that you never have to stop working because your equipment stops working. We stand behind all of our products and our rentals, just like we stand behind all of our clients.

Oil Free Air Compressors

CKG air compressor are capable of delivering 100% oil-free air at pressures up to 150psi and flowrates between 200 and 1,500cfm.

Standard Air Compressors

CKG has an extensive range of reliable air compressors from 75 CFM up to 1600 CFM

Booster Air Compressors

Air boosters take pre-compressed air from an existing network (your plant air system) or from a low-pressure compressor and increase it to the required higher pressure.

Desiccant Air Dryers

Desiccant-based air dryers have capacities up to 5,400cfm with dew points as low as -100°F (-40°C)

Welding Machines

We have welder/generator units that provide 240V single phase and three phase 415V auxiliary power up to 18kVA which can be used to run smalls.

Portable Nitrogen Generator

CKG is known for standard, economically priced nitrogen generation systems that can be customized as needed.

Air, Nitrogen and Water Accessories

We offer all the necessary air accessories when you rent with us.