Pipeline Drying & Blowdowns

Pipeline Blowdown’s are carried out to remove debris and dry down the internal atmosphere to a negative due point, leaving the pipe line ready for product service.
Incorporated in the blow down process is target plate inspection and swab testing for burs and other possible contaminations.
This process is carried out for pre commissioning works also for maintenance and following tie-in works.

Pipeline Pigging

CKG have a solution for all Plant or Pre-Commission, De-commissioning, Service Cleaning and Pipeline Pigging Projects.
This means quality, safety dependability and cost effectiveness. We offer you the broadest array of industrial cleaning solutions, the most effective cleaning techniques and the broadest chemical cleaning experience that you will find anywhere.
Pipeline pigging of all service lines, pre-commissioning, decommissioning and service cleaning including.

  • Chemical slugging.
  • Desiccant air drying.
  • De-watering.
  • Food process.
  • Gas service.
  • Line product removal.
  • Line proving.
  • Mothballing.
  • Pigging and air scouring of water mains.
  • Intelligent pig Mercury de-contamination.
  • Pneumatic pigging.
  • Progressive pigging.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Sanitising.
  • Swabbing lines.
Pressure Testing

CKG provide hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing services for pipelines, spools and vessels providing calibrated test gauges and data reporting.