Standard Air Compressors

CKG offers Top Quality Standard Air Compressors for rent at competitive Rates, with the pressure Range from 75cfm to 1600cfm.

Available to be Used for Onshore and Offshore Applications

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General Details

The Advantage of Standard Air Compressors by CKG International

Our air compressors are available in a variety of sizes that offer several different air pressure delivery rates. We feature air compressors from an 8-gallon electric model all the way up to industrial 1600 CFM units. A smaller air compressor rental unit includes a lightweight, compact design that facilitates towing with a lighter vehicle. The clamshell canopy contains gas-assisted springs, enabling it to open fully for easy serviceability. You will also get the benefit of a quiet operation, making the compressor suitable for work environments where noise reduction is essential. Our larger air compressors for rent include a heavy-duty frame that can ensure maximum stability when traversing rough, uneven terrain.

The towable nature of our air compressors makes them easy to transport to various job sites. The larger air compressor units feature multiple mounting options, giving you maximum flexibility to tow the unit with different types of vehicles. Additionally, each has a long operating life due to their durable powder coat finish that ensures that they stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Portable air compressor rentals have numerous industrial applications. Known as the “workhorse” of the construction industry, an air compressor will power tools and equipment at everything from roadwork and highway build sites to residential and commercial housing projects. You can also rent an air compressor for a special project at your manufacturing facility, such as when performing renovations that may take several weeks or months to complete.