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On-Site Nitrogen Generatot

Looking for an on-site Nitrogen Generator? Look no further! We supply both PSA and Membrane type nitrogen generators for diverse industrial applications. Our reliable, cost-effective nitrogen generating systems come with years of experience and expertise. Count on us for top-notch quality and excellent service.


Membrane Nitrogen Generators work on the principle of selective permeation through a membrane. These generators use a bundle of hollow fibers—each a selective membrane—that efficiently separates nitrogen from other gases in the air. The compressed air is passed through this membrane, and due to the difference in permeability of various gases, nitrogen is separated out at the desired purity level. Membrane systems are particularly valued for their simplicity, low maintenance, and ability to provide consistent purity. They are ideal for applications where moderate purity levels are sufficient, such as tire inflation, fire prevention, and oil and gas operations.

PSA Nitrogen Generators utilize a highly efficient process to produce nitrogen gas from compressed air. This technology employs a material called an adsorbent, typically consisting of carbon molecular sieves, which selectively absorbs oxygen and other impurities from the air. In a cycle of pressurization and depressurization, the system continuously produces high-purity nitrogen. PSA systems are known for their reliability and ability to generate nitrogen with very high purity levels, making them suitable for a variety of applications, including food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics manufacturing.

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